Umbrella Insurance



You’re Protected Through AAA
Personal umbrella liability insurance through AAA* is designed to protect you against the financial devastation and hardship that can result from a personal liability lawsuit. You’ll get peace of mind with reliable coverage, exceptional service and extraordinary value. It goes beyond the liability coverage typically provided by your auto, home and boat insurance with higher amounts of coverage –limits of $1 million to $5 million for eligible applicants.

Your Personal Umbrella Insurance Policy Covers You In a Variety of Unforeseen Situations

  • Negligently hitting a pedestrian with your vehicle and causing injuries or damages beyond your auto insurance policy’s liability coverage.
  • Unknowingly serving food that causes guests to be hospitalized with food poisoning.
  • Accidentally propelling an object from your power lawnmower and striking someone, causing serious injury.
  • Being involved in a serious traffic accident

Preserve Your Wealth
Umbrella insurance through AAA is a cost-effective way to obtain peace of mind when facing many of today’s costly personal lawsuits. If you currently carry limits of liability on your standard policies that are higher than required, you may consider reducing them with a personal umbrella insurance policy.† Discuss this possibility with your AAA Agent.  As an option, you can carry higher limits of Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist protection on your personal umbrella policy (not available in all states).The Ron Steffens Agency can provide full details and help you determine the coverage amount that is right for you.

Cost Effective Security
Personal umbrella insurance provides features designed to protect you in a wide variety of ways for a range of situations. Special features include:

  • Coverage within the U.S. and around the world for a broad range of personal liabilities.
  • A discount for having home insurance through AAA.**

Payments for a variety of lawsuit-related expenses in addition to the limit of liability selected:

  • Legal defense
  • Interest on judgments
  • Limited loss of earnings
  • Appeal and bail bond premiums

Get the coverage you need and deserve.

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